Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I'm the 9th best player of MLB The Show in the world (and I could have been better)

I'm warning you now: this is a stupid post. Sometimes I write stuff here just to document things that I am personally proud of, even though I know not a single other person in the world will care. This is one of those times.

A full season after its release (meaning people have had a lot of time to get good at it), I've had the 9th best Road to the Show career in MLB The Show 2013 for PlayStation 3 of anyone in the country. I am a god of video game baseball.

Here's Professor Peanuts - that's my in-game nickname used by the announcers.

Those stats are other real people around the country. In some stats I'm higher than 9th (I think I'm 3rd or 4th in stolen bases), some a bit lower... I'm averaging it to 9th.

5,915 hits, .370 lifetime average, 1,468 home runs, 4,283 runs, 4,777 RBI's, and 1,381 stolen bases in a career that spanned 27 seasons and stints with the Nationals, Rangers, Brewers, Mets, Reds, Red Sox and Yankees. I won the World Series with every team at least once. I hit over .400 four times.

My MLB records:

I was happy to break that punk Barry Bonds' single season HR record. (And I did it clean! No PSN purchases of points - I earned them all legit.) But I was kind of sad to break Ichiro's hits record.

My all-time run record didn't get recorded - bug in the game. I was oh so close to that stolen base record! (I know, more steals isn't necessarily better.)

I could have kept going - here were my final season stats and ratings:

.357 BA, .754 slugging, 50 HR and 174 RBI's at age 45. All my ratings still maxed out. Stupid game forces retirement at 45. I really wanted to see how long I could stretch it out. Could I make it to age 60?? (There's a balancing act between performance and ratings, and it's supposed to get harder as you age, but I was having no trouble at 45.)

After about age 38, nobody will offer you a contract no matter how good you are, and you need to try out at spring training every year. No problem, easy to impress a team when you have 99 ratings in everything.

But at age 45, you just get this as soon as the off-season ends. The only option is "retire". That's not exactly realistic. Neither is a 60 year old player, but if a 60 year old player with better ability than most 20 year olds did exist, you can bet there'd be a team willing to take a chance on him.

This is the unceremonious retirement screen. If a guy like this retired in real life, they'd be having parades for him in every city in the country. All you get in this game is three lines of text about how everyone's gonna miss you. No better reward for all those hours put in? This is the ultimate role-playing game - it takes a long time to get to this point. I did some math and figured I must have spent about 400 hours just on this career. (I actually played a lot of the games; I didn't just sim everything.)

There were times when I wondered if there wasn't something more productive I could be doing with my life.

Anyway, can't wait until next season on the PS4. I'm gunning for you, "SMOKETHETHESKY"!

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