Monday, December 02, 2013

Cup no Fuchiko-san - Miss Cup Edge - Japan 11/2013

This was funny.

One of Japan's big memes right now is "Cup no Fuchikosan", these little capsule toy girls meant to sit on the edge of your cup. The name itself is a play on words - "fuchi" means "edge". They come in all different poses. My wife and I spent our entire dinner at Hooters Ginza playing with them. We got a lot of attention from the waitresses.

Apparently this has been going on for months now, but it was just on TV when we were there so there was another big run on these toys. We searched around all over for them and finally found them in a Tokyu Hands, which had a big display.

People have gotten really creative with these and now there are photo books and all manner of merchandise related to them. Amazon Japan has 11 pages worth of results for "Cup no Fuchikosan"!

We bought them in their original form, as capsule toys. Opposite that display above was a bank of capsule machines in the middle of the floor.

So cute!

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