Thursday, May 08, 2014

My upcoming F56 Mini Cooper HT

The wife and I went ahead and did it - finally ordered a Mini Cooper only 7 years after first saying we would. Hey, we were just waiting for the new model year! (For an entire generation.)

The pic above is (hopefully) literally it. It's a JustaCooper in British Racing Green, white bonnet stripes, those same 16" wheels, sunroof. On the inside we've got the upgraded bluetooth, Harman Kardon stereo, and visual connected + or whatever it's called. Manual transmission, woohoo! First stick since my Nissan Sentra in college. We tried to order our PT with a stick in 2005 and they gave us an auto by mistake.

A little worried about the fog lights - which we forgot to order - but this is how the Mini web site shows the car without them. I'm hoping they just stick a reflector in there or something so it doesn't look stupid. Some cars just have a black hole where the lights would go.

I test drove the only F56 they had on the lot and loved it. The new base Cooper engine is unbelievable. I had no idea it was even a 3 cylinder until I got home and read it. It smokes our PT, of course, which is my basis for comparison. Ridiculously comfortable car too, and felt really well built. I even fit in the back seat!

I can't wait to get it. Apparently BMW's been having some production problems with these (hopefully resolved now) so there's a big backlog of cars and ours is delayed along with everyone else's. I'll be lucky to get it by July. Hope our other cars don't blow up before then.

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