Monday, October 27, 2014

Japan 2014!

Did I mention I was in Japan? The trip's basically over and I'm no longer in Tokyo, but I'm just now getting a little time to write even this introductory post. My wife and I have done a lot of stuff this time even though this trip was pretty disorganized from the start and most of our original plans fell through (again). It just seems impossible to exhaust all that even just Tokyo has to offer. And there's always fun stuff we can do again even if we've done it before.

Some of the highlights of this trip that you may be reading about here soon:
  • SCANDAL at Fujita University (already posted!)
  • Kimura Kaela at Yokohama Arena (her 10th anniversary show!)
  • Sega Joypolis - they've updated a lot since we were there last, and I won a Sonic!
  • Nagoya
  • Kit Kat Chocolatory
  • Tsukiji Fish Market (after 14 years of visits, we finally made it to the last tourist spot we wanted to try)
  • Hakkejima Sea Paradise
And tons of little things I might either put in some quick read posts or just my traditional random picture dump.

I'll be posting more shortly!

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