Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Real Twin Peaks: The Roadhouse (and Bookhouse)

The Twin Peaks Roadhouse is one of those locations I almost didn't think of as worth visiting - it looks nothing like the show inside, it's been painted green since the show, and I somehow knew they were actually showing the back of it in the series. It was even called the Colonial Inn until very recently.

But when I found out that they'd recently renamed it the Fall City Roadhouse, well that cinched it. Now I had to go and get a shot of the sign:

The exterior still looks basically like the show if you can get the correct angle - this was my best attempt:

The exteriors used in the show were filmed a little further to the back (this is mostly the right side of the building; the back side is on the left), but there's now a gate and fence there that prevents you from moving any further. I'm guessing they used this angle both for the unpaved parking lot (the other side has a paved parking lot) and the fact that it hides the road out front, especially when filmed at night as it typically was.

Incidentally, the Roadhouse is actually on a corner intersection between two highways - I've seen some people describe it as "busy" but it's really not. There's not much traffic anywhere in this area. That said, it's not the little dirt road that it sometimes appears to be in the show - this is basically the center of Fall City, such as it is. (It's a typical one horse town.)

Here's the front of the Roadhouse, to my recollection never seen in the show:

Yes, it is actually popular with bikers!

I stupidly didn't get any shots of the interior (because it just has no relation to the series), but just picture your standard western diner/lunch cafe and you'll be pretty close. The food was pretty good:

That's the Roadhouse Burger with caramelized onions added.

The interiors of the Roadhouse were actually filmed in Seattle, at a place that was once a gay bar but is now apparently a dance studio. I didn't visit there.

As a bonus, the Bookhouse is right next to the Roadhouse, but it looks a little neglected these days:

The last pictures I'd seen of this place did not have the fences around it, but the fence on the left is the same fence that now prevents you from getting the full back view of the Roadhouse. There may be a way to get an unobstructed view of the Bookhouse, but I didn't find it and I was kind of afraid to go looking. (This isn't the kind of area you want to go climbing fences or opening gates onto people's private property - pretty good way to get yourself killed.)

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