Monday, September 05, 2016

The Real Twin Peaks: The Sheriff's Department

The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department is actually the former office of the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Mill, aka the Packard Sawmill. They are literally across the street from each other.

Yep, the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department is now the DirtFish Rally Racing School.

That said, it looks pretty much the same!

The green trim is now orange and the window shades are gone, but otherwise the building itself is fully intact, maintained and in current use.

As this entire area is private property and we weren't really supposed to be there, we didn't go inside. I'm not sure if the interior looks like it did in the pilot (the interrogation scenes were actually shot inside this building). I assume it probably more or less does, though - the overall layout would work well for a school.

This might give you a better idea of the lay of the land - use the big blue pickup truck as a reference point between these two photos:

That's the lone remaining smokestack from the Packard Sawmill.

Incidentally, while the show always gave me the impression that the Sheriff's station was on top of a hill with a road passing directly in front of it, in fact it's at the bottom of a hill in front of a parking lot with a single outlet. Often you'd see vehicles race in front of the station and stop, then pull out going in the same direction. That's not possible - in fact they were either rushing to or from the end of the parking lot!

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