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My guitar writeups are some of my most popular posts. Here are all of them.

I currently own a Fender AV '65 Jazzmaster, a Fender 1962 AVRI Jazzmaster, a Fender "Crafted in Japan" JM66 Jazzmaster, a Gretsch Electromatic G5422DC, and several Squier models including a Standard Strat and the SCANDAL signature guitars. Some I've written about more than others, but I'll break it down by guitar below:

Fender AV '65 Jazzmaster

My newest Jazzmaster, this is one of the current top of the line American Vintage '65 reissues. It's in a limited edition color, Firemist Silver with matching headstock. It's a difficult color to capture in pictures, but it's incredibly beautiful in person. Depending on the light, it can appear either blue or green.

Fender Japan (CIJ) Jazzmaster
My first Jazzmaster. It became a fun project guitar, and is now more replacement parts than it is original. I've written more about this guitar than the others because from the day I got it, it was a really good guitar that had the potential to be exceptional. After all my upgrades, it is.

Fender 1962 AVRI Jazzmaster
An anniversary gift from my wife, and a better one I could not imagine. I added the gold anodized pickguard and black plastic bits, as well as the Staytrem bridge that I never wrote about. Otherwise, it's perfect as is, although this one is kind of a weird factory mutt. (It's one of the last AVRI's made.)

Gretsch G5422DC
A Christmas present from my wife - I have a great wife, don't I? I haven't written much about this one, but that's mostly because it's already almost perfect for what it is. Someday I will add a Compton bridge and locking strap locks, but that's about all it needs.

Squier Standard Stratocaster
My wife and I share this guitar, although only I ever play it. It is our "practice guitar", but in reality I only pick it up when I'm worried it's getting lonely. I don't like guitars to feel unloved. To be honest, it is almost a shockingly good guitar for $180 - I just have a few guitars that are a bit better. It would make a good project guitar, but I just can't get up the motivation.

Squier SCANDAL Signature Guitars
The Japan-only signature models based on guitars actually played (since 2012) by the Japanese band SCANDAL. These are collectors' items already (two production runs reportedly of 200 each), and I have all three. They're extremely close to the prototypes and also pretty fantastic guitars in their own right.

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