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Geishas! Temples! Dancing girls! Video games! Rock concerts! Towers! Trains! Giant Buddhas! Fresh fruit! Amusement parks! Robots! Nightclubs! And more! I've been going to Japan about once a year since 2000, and I've been writing about my experiences since 2006. Often, though not always, my wife acts as tour guide. I've written about many touristy things, many pop culture things and many things you'd probably never have even thought of doing.

I've reorganized these posts recently in reverse chronological order, but scroll down to those earlier trips - some of them were real voyages of discovery, with more of me playing traditional tourist. Also, before you write any snarky comments, check my post about Japan's "dark side" before deciding you really want to do that.

It's getting tougher to plan new things in Japan - I'm on my 15th year of visits. But this trip turned out surprisingly fun.


I barely wrote about this trip - the fact is it was pretty stressful. We did various things that never made it here - maybe I'll still write about them someday. Here's what did make it up.

2013 - November
Our second trip this year came courtesy of a Facebook sweepstakes from ANA! Two concerts and about twelve roller coasters on this trip, even though we only had five days in Tokyo.

2013 - April
In which I got to fly modern business class for the first time, and visit Okinawa. A fun trip even if half our plans fell through... it's easy to fill the time in Tokyo. Harder when it rains in Okinawa.

One of my more memorable trips - mostly due to a little event held at Nippon Budokan...

Shortly after the Great Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and triple-meltdown. We saw some damage, but unsurprisingly, life went on...

A "surprise" trip for my business, I still managed to fit a few interesting writeups in. Sometimes my mind just catches on something...

More of a business trip than a vacation, I didn't write as much this time - but I've got a few great highlights off the beaten path.

In which I realize I've outgrown the Tokyo Game Show. (I'd last gone to TGS in 2000.) Otherwise, a tour of modern Tokyo pop culture delights.

An action-packed vacation that included a first stop in Kyoto before moving back to Tokyo.

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