Sunday, April 23, 2017

There's music everywhere! Surround sound music formats from 8 Track tape to Blu-Ray

My latest video's the first audio subject I've tackled in a while: surround sound music. I've always had a curiosity about the 1970's quadraphonic era - I lived through it but didn't really experience it at the time. But since then, the industry's released more and better surround sound formats over time, and I look at everything from the quad era up to today's DVD and Blu-Ray audio to see if anything's really worth listening to. (Spoiler: yes!)

This video was actually really difficult to make, not to mention my most expensive video to date. Making videos about sound is not easy - who knew? Tricky to talk about surround sound when you can't actually see it or hear it through YouTube! But hopefully it's an interesting video nonetheless.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tearing down and repairing my original Apple IIc

My first-ever computer was an Apple IIc in 1985. (Not 1984 as I first thought, and said early in this video.) I loved that machine, but it's been broken for quite a while now.

Well, I finally sat down to fix it. And you can watch!

This video was just a quick one while I work on some more scripted stuff, but it was really satisfying to do.

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