Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paramore at Madison Square Garden 11/13/2013

Just gonna take a little break from my Japan posts to throw this up here real quick. I'm not gonna do a full live report like I did for SCANDAL, but the show was actually pretty nuts and this was pretty funny:

(Feel free to skip to about 1:58, though I like hearing the crowd sing the bridge before that.) Sorry about the crackles and pops from my cell phone, which doesn't seem to like concert volume. This could have been such a train wreck but you can actually hear me laughing when the guy starts singing the chorus completely off key. And I wish you could see Hayley's face in this video when he does the split at the end - her jaw almost hit the floor. Watch for her pointing as she backs away - she was pretty shocked. I hope they filmed this officially, but I didn't really notice any cameras floating around.

(Cool idea for anyone who's listening: record the audio from the sound board but collect all the fan videos of the show and edit them together to make a full concert DVD. I guarantee it could be done.)

This was my third concert in two weeks. I think my ear drums need a rest at this point.

One thing I do like better about American concerts than Japanese ones these days is that you can take all the pics and video you want.

When I was a kid, that would have gotten you kicked out in America just like in Japan. Apparently, Paramore's actually going to be having a contest where you can send in your best photos from this tour. Times do change...

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